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AvailableGoodshas designed amazing housing projects that prioritize centralized hydroponic and aeroponic gardening. This will empower each resident since they will be able to get fresh, healthy food as well as engage in gardening, which can be great for their mental and physical wellbeing. All around, the hydro-condo combination of housing has been a major success for AvailableGoods since it is affordable, sustainable, comfortable, and has a great community.


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We are planning for multiple projects that you can learn more about here.
Here are some featured designs that you should definitely check out:

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Switching to a new and improved home means selling the old one.
AvailableGoods will assist you through this process so that it is easier for you.

AvailableGoods brings you a platform where you can buy and sell sustainable living spaces anywhere in the US, from anywhere in the US. If you love the environment as much as we do and have developed a sustainable living space where one can grow their own food and minimize their carbon footprint, here is where you can sell it.

Conversely, if you’re looking to buy sustainable living spaces in California and other US states where you can grow your own produce, be self-sufficient, and, again, reduce your carbon footprint, here is where you can buy it.

Find and purchase sustainable living spaces in and around California through AvailableGoods.

Project Locations


Currently, AvailableGoodsis planning stunning projects in the following locations: