Hydro/Condo Apartments by AvailableGoods

Sustainable Housing with Centralized Gardening for Eco-Friendly Living in Urban Space

AvailableGoods is focused on creating communities in urban spaces that center around the idea that humans need to update their housing lifestyle to become eco-friendlier. We are developing multiple projects in California and other American states that incorporate a sustainable living lifestyle.

Our housing communities will have centralized gardening with hydroponic and aeroponic gardening. With comfortable and affordable condos, homeowners also have access to their own fresh and healthy food source. With fruits and vegetables growing in your backyard, you will have less to worry about when it comes to food. Gardening can also be quite a therapeutic hobby that ensures your mental and physical well-being.

Our hydro-condo communities offer the perfect housing plan for veterans, investors, seniors, students, and people who are craving a sustainable living model. They are designed with sustainability in mind, so you can rest assured that the environment will not face a negative impact.

We encourage well-being for our residents by developing spaces for the shared community. A caring and supportive community that relies on each other in a shared space with gardening as a hobby can be a really great space. You will be able to interact with the neighbors your share the apartment building with in a wholesome, connected space. This can be especially great for seniors who want such support.

What Is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is an efficient manner of growing herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables that makes it easier for beginners as well. You will be able to grow fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables for your meals pretty easily! Gardening enthusiasts will be able to learn new techniques that can alleviate the methods they use for gardening for better results.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘eco-friendly condos’? Is it the building practices our apartment builders adopted when developing these urban gardening apartments or the sustainable way of life they’ve promoted by creating communal spaces in these gardening apartments? Lucky for you, AvailableGoods plans to do both.

Our hydroponic condos in CA aren’t just made from the most sustainable building materials and practices, but they also promote a sense of community through shared spaces. Our eco-friendly apartments have connected spaces where neighbors can connect through a shared love of urban gardening in a city where the concept of sharing is all but obsolete.

Buy hydroponic condos in CA from eco-friendly apartment builders who have the best interests of the environment and yours truly at heart.

What Is Aeroponic Gardening?

By incorporating aquaculture for gardening, you are able to make much more efficient use of water. Since urban spaces don’t have a lot of space when it comes to gardening and agriculture, aeroponic gardening can be a great idea since it uses less space. It increases accessibility and makes gardening easier. The focus is on growing nutritious, mineral-rich, healthy plants with little water and no soil. The aeroponic system allows plants to grow while suspended in the air. The roots are exposed, getting the essential nutrients they need from a mist that carries all the minerals needed. This jam-packs the food with amazing nutrients that can positively impact your health.

Why Is the Hydro-Condo Combination Important?​

As humans, we have become increasingly detached from our food sources. This can create huge repercussions throughout our society since it can increase our carbon footprints. Adverse agricultural practices and the transportation of food lead to a huge burden on the planet. If housing societies develop sustainable housing with centralized gardening, it can improve the climate too. It is also far more affordable to have your own food source to fall back, making it perfect for students, retired individuals, and anyone else living on a budget.