About AvailableGoods

Aaron A. Goods launched AvailableGoods to create sustainable living with a focus on eco-friendly gardening. Aaron Goods has 40 years of experience in housing services that has become the foundation for AvailableGoods’s vision for sustainable housing development.

Our focus is on creating a community that lives on self-sustained food production. All of our projects will incorporate hydroponic and aeroponic gardening to ensure that you have healthy, nutrient-rich food. It is essential to create such housing in urban spaces, which are often detached from their food sources, which tends to harm the planet and increase our carbon footprint.

By investing in our sustainable housing plans across the United States, you will be prioritizing centralized gardens and comfortable living. All of our projects are dedicated to ensuring your physical wellbeing and mental health with health policies, great food, therapeutic gardening, social gatherings, and more.

Our Vision

To create sustainable living with a focus on centralized gardening.