Providing Sustainable Living for All

AvailableGoods is dedicated to building Hydro/Condo communities
in urban spaces throughout the United States

We focus on ensuring that every resident can find tranquility and sustainable living. Our community designs
are built around the idea that an eco-friendly life of gardening, comfortable condos, and wholesome
neighbors can drastically improve the lives of urban settlers.

Feel a little less alone in a big city by moving into a property built and endorsed by sustainable housing community developers who’re all about saving the environment as a team.

Buy or advertise eco-friendly homes for sale in California and beyond.

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We welcome anyone who is fascinated by gardening and sustainable housing. Our services and products are all dedicated to
ensuring that you can live a comfortable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Hydroponic Gardening

We use advanced hydroponic and aeroponic techniques for our gardens to ensure that you can have fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits for your meals. An organic, healthy diet is good for your body and the environment. Gardening lovers will find that AvailableGoods offers them insights into new techniques for their beloved hobby.


Aeroponic is a sustainable way of gardening that incorporates aquaculture for water. This ensures that every ingredient you find in the AvailableGoods shop is packed with nutrients and minerals.


We have designed comfortable, relaxing condos for students, seniors, investors, veterans, and anyone else who is fascinated with sustainable living. Our condos will be a haven in urban spaces since we hold high regard for ensuring our residents and the environment is constantly benefiting.

Shared Community

Our targeted residents come from all sorts of backgrounds and come together to create a supportive and caring community. With a shared soothing garden, you will find that interacting with your neighbors can be quite a fun experience.

Hydro/Condo Apartments


We have decided to combine hydroponic garden and condo living to ensure that you can live sustainably with tranquility. The shared garden will offer a chance at building a community and functions as the perfect place to get fresh ingredients for your meals. This can reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you are eating healthy food too.

About Us

Who Are We?

AvailableGoods was launched by Aaron A. Goods, who has 40 years of experience in home services. The idea behind AvailableGoods was to design an urban space where homeowners can be part of a sustainable housing society. Anyone who invests in our projects becomes a self-sustained food provider and business owner in one go. You will be able to add value to the community by investing in a space that prioritized community and centralized gardening. Gardening for vegetables and fruits can ensure sustainable living as well as offer mental therapy and physical health.

AvailableGoods is on a mission to build and normalize sustainable housing communities in urban centers to make people connect through centralized gardening spaces. You’re spared the long-term physical drawbacks of eating processed and store-bought food when you eat your own food. Find homes for sale in Oakland and other cities within and outside California, and support us by selling your sustainable green living space on our website.

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